Saturday, September 26, 2009

Glorious Excess Short Film

Mike Shinoda posted this short film related to his art show Glorious Excess on his blog some days ago ( It is very well done and really interesting! So, check this out. :)

Ps. If you liked the music in the end of the video you may hear the whole song here:

The song is called "Gold Guns Girls" and it is Mike Shinoda's remix on Metric's song. Enjoy! :)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Linkin Park has been nominated for a MTV EMA in two categories: Best World Stage Performance and Best Rock. Let's help them get the award! They totally deserve it! :)

You may (and must) vote here:

Saturday, September 19, 2009

A poem...

It took me a lot of thinking as to whether I should put this up here or not, but here we go then...
Lately I have gotten really excited about poems and written some myself every now and then. I have never showed them to anyone before, but now I thought that I could post one here for you to read. :) It is really personal, but I would appreciate any comments you might have about it. :) So here you go:

There are so many things I want to say to you
So many things I can never tell

So many dreams I should have forgotten
By now
For good
Things forever gone
Or never been

You have always been there
All my life you have holded
All this time you have given me strength
All these years stood by my side
Not even realising it

It took me all the way here to see
And now that I've opened my eyes
I can no longer close them
Shut them from seeing
That you can never be mine

Now I hold you in my lonely heart
Daily wishing you strength in my prayers
Nightly staying by your side in my dreams
Hoping you'd finally see
After all we've been through
Just how much I care

- Heidi -

Sonisphere Photos

I went to see my favorite band, Linkin Park, play live this summer in Pori in a festival called Sonisphere. :) This event circled around Europe with Metallica as its main performer. Linkin Park played a show in Sonisphere also in Britain.

The show was absolutely amazing, at least to me, as this was the first time I saw them. :) The show took place on July 25, but I thought I could post some photos I took during the show. They are not that great due to the fact that I was not allowed to bring a good camera with me... I hope you enjoy them nevertheless! ;)

Above is the main stage of the event. On the left there are Mike Shinoda - the MC, other vocalist, keyboardist etc. of Linkin Park - playing guitar and Joe Hahn - the turntablist - at the back. :)

Chester Bennington - the vocalist. It was really difficult to get good photos as I was on the right-hand side of the stage. Therefore most of the 'better pictures', like this one, are taken from the screen... :)
Chester and Mike... somewhere behind the smoke... ;)

Mike on the screen playing keyboard... :)

And last but not least here is a video of Mike rapping Hands Held High. :) Sorry for the bad quality...

Hope you enjoyed them! :)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Suffering

Chester Bennington from Linkin Park has been working on his own album with his new band Dead By Sunrise. The album will be out on 13th October and there have already been a few singles released from it.

One of those is brilliant My Suffering. Sounds really good to me at least - very much the kind of music that one might expect to hear from Chester. ;) Based on the few songs that I have heard, besides My Suffering, I'd say that Dead By Sunrise has slightly more rock-ish songs compared to those of Linkin Park... I guess that it is appropriate to compare those two in this case. :) But you make your own judgments. Here is a link for you to download the song My Suffering for f-r-e-e! :)

More info on Dead By Sunrise and also some other sons from their debut album you can find from their MySpace site:

It is also worth checking Linkin Park's Homepage for updates on both of these great bands! ;)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Glorious Excess (Dies)

Here is something for the people living in Los Angeles or near-by! Mike Shinoda's art show Glorious Excess (Dies) is open in Japanese-American National Museum until 4th October. Absolutely amazing works! :) If you only have a chance, go and check this one out! More info on the show you may find here! Photos of the making of the art and the opening on 28th August under this link and for those unfortunate human-beings like myself who can't get to the show itself, here are photos of the works of the show. :) One more word of comfort: there has been a book released on the making and the art work of the show. I am definitely going to get the book myself, so I'll tell you more about it here once I manage to get it! ;) Some info of the book here. Hopefully some of you can make it there! :)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Best Unknown Rapper

For those of you who enjoy rap, here's someone whose music you should definately check out! :) Absolutely amazing beats/melodies and some really moving lyrics of the cruel world we live in. He hasn't released an album yet, but apparently is working on with one, so I believe that all the support that we may give is valuabe and welcome!

So start by checking out his MySpace site! The link is here:

Enjoy! :)

The First Post

Hey you all!

I am now making one of my long time dreams true and actually starting a blog of my own! :) I am really excited as to getting this thing started and I really hope that those who manage to find their way here enjoy what they read! ;)

A few words about me mayby: I am a girl, who has lived in Finland for almost 18 years, meaning her whole life. I am studying in English and living in hopes of getting to study abroad some day. I love music by Linkin Park, which I guess is worth mentionnig since I assume that I will post a lot about those guys in the future! ;)

Besides Linkin Park and other music I enjoy I am probably planning to post about stuff I read and see, everything that fascinates me or that I think that other people could be interested in.

So that's all for this time, I'll be posting more soon. :)

Hope you all have the most splendid day! ;)