Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sonisphere Photos

I went to see my favorite band, Linkin Park, play live this summer in Pori in a festival called Sonisphere. :) This event circled around Europe with Metallica as its main performer. Linkin Park played a show in Sonisphere also in Britain.

The show was absolutely amazing, at least to me, as this was the first time I saw them. :) The show took place on July 25, but I thought I could post some photos I took during the show. They are not that great due to the fact that I was not allowed to bring a good camera with me... I hope you enjoy them nevertheless! ;)

Above is the main stage of the event. On the left there are Mike Shinoda - the MC, other vocalist, keyboardist etc. of Linkin Park - playing guitar and Joe Hahn - the turntablist - at the back. :)

Chester Bennington - the vocalist. It was really difficult to get good photos as I was on the right-hand side of the stage. Therefore most of the 'better pictures', like this one, are taken from the screen... :)
Chester and Mike... somewhere behind the smoke... ;)

Mike on the screen playing keyboard... :)

And last but not least here is a video of Mike rapping Hands Held High. :) Sorry for the bad quality...

Hope you enjoyed them! :)

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