Saturday, September 12, 2009

The First Post

Hey you all!

I am now making one of my long time dreams true and actually starting a blog of my own! :) I am really excited as to getting this thing started and I really hope that those who manage to find their way here enjoy what they read! ;)

A few words about me mayby: I am a girl, who has lived in Finland for almost 18 years, meaning her whole life. I am studying in English and living in hopes of getting to study abroad some day. I love music by Linkin Park, which I guess is worth mentionnig since I assume that I will post a lot about those guys in the future! ;)

Besides Linkin Park and other music I enjoy I am probably planning to post about stuff I read and see, everything that fascinates me or that I think that other people could be interested in.

So that's all for this time, I'll be posting more soon. :)

Hope you all have the most splendid day! ;)

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