Saturday, September 19, 2009

A poem...

It took me a lot of thinking as to whether I should put this up here or not, but here we go then...
Lately I have gotten really excited about poems and written some myself every now and then. I have never showed them to anyone before, but now I thought that I could post one here for you to read. :) It is really personal, but I would appreciate any comments you might have about it. :) So here you go:

There are so many things I want to say to you
So many things I can never tell

So many dreams I should have forgotten
By now
For good
Things forever gone
Or never been

You have always been there
All my life you have holded
All this time you have given me strength
All these years stood by my side
Not even realising it

It took me all the way here to see
And now that I've opened my eyes
I can no longer close them
Shut them from seeing
That you can never be mine

Now I hold you in my lonely heart
Daily wishing you strength in my prayers
Nightly staying by your side in my dreams
Hoping you'd finally see
After all we've been through
Just how much I care

- Heidi -

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